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Sons of Confederate Veterans

***** Savannah, Georgia *****

Savannah Militia Camp 1657
Chartered in 1994 with 18 Charter members. We now have 171 members!

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Savannah Militia Camp 1657 was chartered in 1994 with 18 Charter members.

We now have 171 members and growing!

We meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month at the Western Sizzling Steakhouse in Pooler, GA. We start at 6:30 PM for a meal and fellowship. With our meeting starting at 7:30 PM always with a speaker. The Ladies of the Camp or always welcome, at our public Meetings. We never do camp business at these meetings. We feel that it slows our meeting down, so we have a quarterly for business.
Over the years we have been involved in many projects and have had Units in many Parades, most notable, Savannah's Saint Patrick's Day Parade.
The Savannah Militia Camp was very involved in the Georgia Flag Fight
Recently our camp has finished a project to refurbish all the Confederate Iron Crosses of Honor Grave Markers in Chatham County Georgia.

Deo Vindice

God Save the South!

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 Sons of Confederate Veterans - Savannah, Georgia
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