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Sons of Confederate Veterans

***** Savannah, Georgia *****

Savannah Militia Camp 1657
Chartered in 1994 with 18 Charter members. We now have 171 members!

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Flags of the CSA - God Save the South!
Sample SCV license plate - Get yours this year!  SCV Membership NOT required.
Show your colors! Show pride in your Confederate Heritage!

Here's a look at the New proposed tag!

Many people don't know that Sons of Confederate Veterans license plates are available and available to everyone. There are no special requirements and you don't have to be an SCV member to have one. Show your support for Southern Heritage and order the SCV plate for your vehicles. A portion of the $35 annual fee goes to the Georgia Division SCV to be used for heritage preservation projects.

Click the link below to view the Georgia DMVS website samples.

Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety SCV Specialty Plate

What does it cost?
There is a one time (every 7 years) "manufacturing fee" of $20 and the annual renewal fee is $35 on top of the standard $20 tag fee. See the URL link above. A new series of Georgia plates has been created for 2004. SCV met the minimum of 1000 requests before the July 31, 2003 deadline, so now anyone can order the 2004 series tag (shown above).  There will be another plate series issued in 2011 where SCV will have meet the minimum (1000) again and everyone who wants one will have to pay the extra $20 "manufacturing" fee again.

How do I get the SCV plate?
Just walk in to your county tag office and ask for it. There are no membership or other requirements. Just tell the clerk that you want an SCV specialty plate. You may be issued a temporary cardboard plate to display in your back window and your new tag and sticker will be mailed to you in 3-6 weeks.   Flags of the CSA